Rabu, 18 Julai 2012

Blog 11.

She call me sarcastic,a cynic,a critic.

Then,he say Im invisible.Im see-through.not vivid.

Then,they say Im a loser,a coward.over-semiotic.

I say pull out your tongues out of my hole.

they're ticklish.

enough of the compliments.

Im taking the dogs for a walk.

nak ikut? 

meh la.

u dog,i hot.



Oh and if you are still a virgin,considered this is a literal penetration of my majestic genital up to you backtreet boys hole.And if you are not,extra lubrication would help through the tropical rainforest.

U dont understand this.U dont even read this.

U will just think this is for you.or you'll pretend you got this.

Fuck your clever brain,you clever people.

I admire you guys the most.enslave me.

p/s :sorry again for the words,if theyr offensive.

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