Isnin, 2 Januari 2012

blog 07

Romantic movies give unrealistic expectations to girls about guys.

Porn do the same thing to the dudes.

blog 06

I still don’t have anything significant.

Im not in my dream figure.

Im not earning any more than 800$ monthly.

My education progress is not really impressive.

Nothing really follow the plan.basically.

Any talents I had,or as I believed I had,are very average.

An average john cant really fit the future.

I mean,

I was just joking about my plan to sell currypuffs in London.

two decades of living.

may this new decade makes a better man.

blog 05

I think,

Every once in a while,I will need some times to be just alone.

It is to break the swing of the pendulum.the momentum of life.

what goes fast will end faster.

May my balls swing harder after this.

My metaphorical balls.

Like literally.

blog 04

One lesson of life today;


If you are a funny person,

It is hard for people to take you seriously.

Many of us thinks they can be funny at one time and serious at another,

But I guess once people take you as a clown,you might always be a clown.

humour and stupid jokes,they are two big different things.

being funny and being dumb,also are different.

been there done that.*laugh

we got two different names in class,class comedian,and class clown.the latter is not so beneficial.

*Unless you think a clown working out at a gym is sexy,then no offence.

blog 03

Consciously pretending that I am happy eats me from inside.

"I think I am therefore I am."

hypnotize yourself baby.

manner and fake expressions are very easy to blend together.

the first is good,the latter is not so healthy.

hypocrisy is but a mask,but it can really step in and take over the steering.

many people are but a walking dead today.

blog 02

I have most fun when its about getting a girl to fall in love with us.

Then when we have them,its who we are,how we are raised,what inspired us that decide the outcome.whether served,or left cold.

Some just want to go for the numbers.for the record .

Some just want to experiment with life.getting physical.

Some just don’t want to be alone.they cant be is that according to them.

And some,just want to flirt.the trill is tempting.

I am retired now though.

blog 01

Ive deleted the older posts.It is very mind-uttering to even know that I used to write such things.this blog will then be a travel blog,and my voice out medium.

getting older hey.