Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

Hot chick,flabby tummy.

Summing lessons of 2013 in points;

  • I havent changed.Only deviate myself from the masses.I came to an understanding that being unnoticed means being left unjudged.which is good for my self-esteem.
  • People get easy on me,when i dont suggest ideas or views.To implement new elements upon other mind is inappropriate in the modern days,as each of us is capable in deriving self-contained ideas in the perpectives of matters.However if asked,it is to be given appropriately and non-excessively.
  • Life goes on fast,when you are clear of what are you doing in life.Routine is after all not bad,its a counter mechanism for motivation deficiency and lack of enthusiasm.
  • Respect earned is respect given.To respect is not just to show respect,but to understand and provide reasons for respect paid.
  • Im different,but to treat me as weird,its an acceptable insult.I discovered that the way I look at things are enormously different from the majority,but I convinced myself that it was a strength,not a weakness.
  • labels we put on people are in basic determine the way we treat them,and such way would only burden us in our act to co-exisit with them.
  • People are fluctuating in emotions and attributes,to rely on such elements would only render our view of life to change constantly,changing us indirectly.Which is bad for self-determination,and cause delay in the search for the purposes of our existence.We then would get too old to start a change which would have been beneficial in maximizing the functions of life.
  • To set motions to our effort upon something is important,provided the base of such motions are religions and self-constraint.
  • World does resolve around say otherwise means you are willing to accept that you are okay with the fact that you are being shaped by the community.Community transcends and changes through time.You,on the other hand is not going to be another person.

ive been seasoned,nurtured with life in my private sphere.Perhaps time to go out and implement.

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